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Dr. Mary Papez-Berg

Photo: Mary Papez-Berg, DDS - Dentist in Reno NV

I started my dental career in 1991 after graduating from UCSF School of Dentistry.

I built my dental practice by taking Northern Nevada dental emergencies 24/7, including holidays. What I learned from those early days is that pain does not just occur Monday–Friday, 8 AM–5 PM. I had many years of meeting patients at my office after hours.

Now that my practice has matured and my patients have achieved stable dental health, I don’t have as many emergency visits as those early years. That being said, I just met a patient at the office at 4:00 PM last Sunday!

To this day, if one of my patients calls with an after-hours dental emergency, they will be contacted by us within a few hours to be assessed. If need be, they will be seen, as that is our commitment to our patients!

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During office hours, it is common for us and our staff to work through our lunch or stay late to accommodate one of our patients who has pain or a broken tooth. I feel this level of commitment by our office makes us unique.

I enjoy all aspects of dentistry, from preventative to cosmetic procedures. We treat the entire family to help them achieve optimum dental health. We have a close relationship with our dental specialists — if our patients require orthodontics, gum surgery, or other procedures that cannot be done in our office, we will assist them in scheduling an appointment with our specialty referrals.

I feel very lucky to work with an excellent team, many who started this journey with me 28 years ago. I can speak for the entire dental team when I say we value the special relationships we have with our patients. We have watched two year-olds grow up and drive themselves to their appointments. We have attended our patients birthday parties, graduations, weddings, and also have grieved with their losses. They are a part of us as we try to brighten each of their lives with a healthy smile!